PC Doctor August 28, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:

            At work, I use the Outlook Web App.  I don’t really like it, and it’s for 2 reasons:  I haven’t figured out how to make folders for organizing my e-mail messages that I need to keep, and I also have not been successful saving new people’s contact information in a way that’s easily searchable.  In my g-mail account, if I start typing someone’s name, it pops up for me.  Outlook doesn’t do that, and contacts I know I’ve saved don’t always show up when I search.  Any suggestions?


              Thanks, Paige


Dear Paige:

            To create folders within your Outlook Web inbox, right-click on the inbox.  Then, click ‘Create New Folder.’  Type a name for your new folder.  Press ‘Enter’ to save the changes.  When you receive an e-mail that you want to save in that folder, highlight the message, click ‘Move’ (in the menu across the top), and choose ‘Move to Folder.’  You will see the list of folder choices.  Choose the one you want to move the message to by clicking on it.  Voila!


            To create a new contact in the Outlook Web App, look on the lower left hand side of your screen.  You’ll see a little rectangle that looks like an old-fashioned rolodex card.  That’s your ‘contacts.’  Click it.  A column will open up next to it.  At the top, click ‘New.’  You will get a form on which you can fill in the blanks for the new contact’s phone number, e-mail address, etc.  You can use the drop-down lists to record multiple entries in some boxes.  For example, the drop-down list next to ‘E-mail’ lets you store up to three different e-mail addresses for a contact.  You can also store more than one address and telephone number.  Click ‘Save and Close’ to save the new contact.  Click’Cancel’ if you want to discard your changes.


            When you want to write a new e-mail message to someone who is in your contacts list, you can have Outlook automatically fill in that person’s address if you go to contacts first, choose the person, and then create a new message by clicking on the picture at the top of the screen that looks like a tiny envelope. 


            If you choose to open a new message first, the way to have Outlook find the e-mail address is to type the person’s name in the ‘To’ field.  Then, click ‘check names,’ which is a small icon of a person’s head with a checkmark, which you’ll see across the top of the new e-mail message you are writing.  Outlook will suggest contacts based on what you have typed.  Choose the one you want and you’ll be all set. I hope this helps you like the program better!


Until next time …. Happy Computing!


           PC Doctor