PC Doctor October 2, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:

              I have a Samsung Convoy 3 phone and I don’t know how to get my pictures off it.  I want to save them to my computer and e-mail them to some friends.  Can you help?

             Thanks, Bob


Dear Bob:

              To get the photos off your phone, first connect the phone to your computer using the supplied USB cable.  Next, turn on your phone.  Click the start button found in the lower left hand side of your computer screen.  You will see two columns of menu choices.  Choose “Computer.”  When the “Computer” window opens, your phone should show as a device connected to the computer.  You should also see a dialog box offering you the choice to open the folder to view the files on it.  Do this.  You will see a list of files and folders that are on your phone.  One is called “my_pictures.”  If you double-click on that folder, you will see a list of all the photos you have stored on your phone.  To bring one picture over, left-click on it.  Drag it to the location where you want it saved.  (Example: your desktop or a folder on your desktop.)  If you want to bring all of the photos over to your computer, highlight one of them and hold down the CTRL and A keys at the same time.  This will highlight all of the photos.  You can now drag them over to your desired location and they will be saved all at once.

              To e-mail photos to a friend, open your e-mail program and start a new message.  You’ll want to attach the photo to the message.  You didn’t specify which e-mail program you use but, in most e-mail programs, you will click a picture that looks like a small paper clip and follow prompts to select the photo you wish to e-mail.

              If you want to learn more about your phone, you can access the entire user’s manual on the Samsung website.

Until next time… Happy Computing!

               PC Doctor