PC Doctor January 13, 2017

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Dear PC Doctor:

I will be traveling and won’t have a computer.  I’m planning to not check my e-mail at all.  Is there a way to send an automatic message to people who write to me during this time?  I want it to say that I’m not checking e-mail and they can call my co-worker instead if they really need help.




Dear Fred:

Yes!  This is called a vacation reply or an out of office reply.  You didn’t say what kind of e-mail you have – what follows are instructions for gmail and yahoo mail; most e-mail programs have something very similar.

Open your gmail.
Click the word “Settings” which you should see on the upper right.
Scroll down until you see a section named “Vacation responder.”
Select “Vacation responder on.”
You will see prompts to enter a date range, subject, and message.
At the bottom of the page, choose “Save Changes.”

Yahoo mail
Mouse over the “Settings Menu” icon and select “Settings.”
Click “Vacation Response.”
Select “Enable during these dates (inclusive).”
Select a start and end date for your vacation response.
Enter the response you want senders to see in the "Message" field.
Click “Save.”

Until next time,
Happy computing!

     PC Doctor