PC Doctor June 2, 2017

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Dear PC Doctor:

My computer is telling me that I need to install Adobe Plash Player in order to do some stuff that I want to do.  How do I get that?  Do I have to buy it?




Dear Tom:

Adobe Flash Player is software used for viewing multimedia, running applications, and streaming video and audio.  It is free and works on all the major web browser and operating systems. If you have Google Chrome installed on your computer, you automatically have Adobe Flash Player.  Since your computer is telling you to install it, I would guess that you do not have Chrome.

If you want to use Chrome as a browser, you can simply install Chrome and then you will also have Adobe Flash Player.  To do that, open the browser you are currently using and type https://www.google.com/ into your search box.  You will then have a google search page.  Type “download google chrome” into the new search box.  This will take you to Google’s Chrome download page.  Follow the steps from there.

If you would prefer to get Adobe Flash Player without downloading Chrome, you can get it from Adobe’s website.  From any browser you like to use, navigate to www.adobe.com.  Click on the magnifying glass icon and type “download adobe flash” in the search box.  On the next screen, click “Adobe Flash Player Download.”  On the next screen, click the yellow button that says “Install now.”  Follow the prompts that you see on screen and you should be all set.

Until next time,
Happy computing! 

   PC Doctor