PC Doctor October 14, 2010

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Dear PC Doctor:

My computer had both a 32 bit and 64 bit screen for some reason now the 32 bit is lost all together a lot of the programs I use will only work with the 32bit. I was wondering how I would get it back and if you know why would they not work with the 64 bit. I have the HP TOUCHSMART computer and I have the recovery disk.  Would I be able to use the disk to get the 32 bit back?   Thank you!


Dear John:

The newer 64 bit OS is fast and powerful, and can address more than the 4GB of memory that the older 32 bit OS can address.  While the Microsoft Office applications work well with 64 bit OS, many other programs do not work with them at all.  This is a limitation of these programs which may be fixed in future versions.

The recovery disks do a great job of making the computer just like it was when it first came out of the box.  However, be aware that this means that any programs you have installed since the system was new, as well as any documents, photos, or music you have on the system will be erased by running the recovery disk.

If you have all of your files backed up, and are prepared to reinstall your programs, the recovery disks are a good choice.   Be prepared to spend several hours setting up your system again.  If this is more of a project than you are looking for, you may prefer to take your system to a professional.

            PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

            I am getting ready to install Office 2007 and wondered what KeyTips is?  It is listed on the box as a new feature so I am curious what to do with it?


Dear Lee:

            Key tips is not really a new feature as it was in Office 2003 but many people have not used it.  It is basically a shortcut system for using the keyboard instead of the mouse.  Some people find that taking their hands off the keyboard while they are working causes mistakes to happen because they put their fingers back on the wrong keys.  To activate this feature, what you do is hit the ALT key and you will notice up on the ‘ribbon’ or upper menu area that small letters and numbers appear next to all the menu commands.  Then you just hit the letter or number that corresponds to the command and it will execute it.  So for example, when you hit the Alt key and you would like to go to the Home tab, just hit the H which is shown in the box. Or if you want the  Page Layout tab, hit the P key.  To get rid of the displayed KeyTips, just hit the ALT key again. 

            You can also make some customized KeyTips or keyboard shortcuts of your own if you desire.  Just click the upper left hand side Orb in Word and chose the Word Options button at the bottom right of the drop down menu.  Next click Customize and then the button next to Keyboard Shortcuts.  A window will open up that allows you to create new shortcuts.  To save any, click Assign and then Close.

            PC Doctor

Until next time….. happy computing!