Anime Club Movie Event

Friday, May 20 from 3:30-5:30 - Grades 6-12

Grades 6-12 are invited to join the Anime Club to watch:

Romeo X Juliet 2

Friday, May 20


In the library's activities room.

Here is what they are saying about this popular film:

"For most of her young life, Juliet lived a tortuous lie. Disguised as a boy, she prowled the shadows of Neo Verona as the Red Whirlwind, a masked crusader determined to right the wrongs of a heinous regime. Nothing else mattered to this lionhearted beauty until the day she laid eyes on her Romeo. Handsome and daring, he swooped into her life and spirited her away from the turbulence of a common existence. Although born of different worlds, their love proved strong enough to bridge the gap between two sides of a world fractured by unfathomable evil. But now, as their people's suffering reaches unspeakable levels, the greatest lovers the world has ever known must unite to overcome the forces conspiring to keep them apart."

*  Grades 6-12!  *  Free snacks!  *  Bring a friend!  *

Call 978-249-9515 for more information.