New Children’s Materials May 29, 2013

Latest materials for children at the Athol Public Library!

New books in the Children’s Room May 29, 2013


Bean, Jonathan – Building Our House

Carle, Eric – My Very First Book Of Colors

Costello, David Hyde – Little Pig Joins The Band

Daley, Michael – Pinch and Dash and The Terrible Couch

DiCamillo, Kate – Bink & Gollie: Best Friends Forever

Dolan, Hannah – Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Dotlich, Rebecca – Bella and Bean

Ehlert, Lois – RRRalph

Hawthorn, Phillip – Who’s Making That Mess

Jordan, Mary Ellen – Lazy Daisy, Cranky Frankie

Kimura, Ken – 999 Frogs Wake Up

Leathers, Philippa – The Black Rabbit

Taylor, Victoria – Super Heroes: Ready For Action

Maizes, Sarah – On My Way To The Bath

Markel, Michelle – Brave Girl

Martin, Bill – Ten Little Caterpillars

Mayer, Mercer – Bubble Bubble

McDermott, Gerald – Anansi The Spider

Meisel, Paul – See Me Dig

Menotti, Andrea – How Many Jelly Beans?

Moore, Eva – Lucky Ducklings

Potter, Alicia – Mrs. Harkness And The Panda

Reinen, Judy – Meow: A Day In The Life Of Cats

Roche, Suzzy – Want To Be In A Band?

Sauer, Tammi – Chicken Dance

Schmid, Paul – Perfectly Percy

Segal, John – Pirates Don’t Take Baths

Sherry, Kevin – I’m The Biggest Thing In The Ocean

Simon, Carly – Midnight Farm

Stein, David Ezra – Ol’ Mama Squirrel

Yoon, Salina – Do Cows Meow?

Zalben, Jane Breskin – Mouster Piece


Cate, Annette – Look Up! Bird-watching In Your Backyard

Daynes, Katie – Firefighters

Delano, Marfe Ferguson – Master George’s People

Goldfish, Meish – Disabled Dogs

Guiness World Records 2013

Halls, Kelly Milner – Hatchlings

Markle, Sandra – The Long Long Journey

Stewart, Melissa – A Place For Bats and A Place For Frogs

Worth, Valerie – Pugs And Other Animal Poems


Michelson, Richard – Twice As Good

Nobleman, Marc Tyler – Bill The Boy Wonder

Tavares, Matt – Henry Aaron’s Dream


DiTerlizzi, Tony – The Search For Wondla

Gannett, Ruth Stiles – Three Tales Of My Father’s Dragon