PC Doctor September 16, 2009

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Dear PC Doctor,
            My question is concerning Friends lists on Facebook. Facebook has a feature that allows me to make several lists in which I can place Friends from my Friends list, so as to organize them. I would like to know how to delete names from one of my lists. Somehow I managed to get one Friend added more than once, creating duplicates of this one Friend. Any ideas?
Dear Louise,
            I tried recreating your present scenario, but I was unable to replicate the duplicates. Chances are it's just a minor bug on Facebook's part, and you should be able to remove the duplicates the same way you would remove a Friend under normal circumstances. To do this, log in into your Facebook account. Starting from your Home page: mouse over "Friends" in the top menu, and select "All Friends" from the drop-down menu. On the "All Friends" page there will be a column of options to the left, under the heading "Lists." Click on the "List" that you wish to edit. The specific "List's" page will then open, displaying all the Friends under that "List," as well as three buttons. Click the "Edit List" button. This will in turn open a small window displaying all of your Friends. The Friends that are already on the list will be highlighted in blue, simply clicking a highlighted Friend will remove it from the list. The duplicates should be appearing highlighted in blue as well, go ahead and click on the duplicates to remove them. Once you have finished editing the list, click the "Save List" button. As I was unable to recreate your problem, I'm not sure if this will fix it. If this doesn't work for you, I would recommend submitting a bug report to Facebook. You can find this option under the "Help" section on Facebook, but as it took a little digging for me to find it, here's the link. www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=friends_bug.
PC Doctor
Dear PC Doctor,
            I am having a problem using the search function in certain programs - in Google images, in Ebay search, and Wikipedia. I have Mozilla Firefox. It works anywhere else that I try it. Help!
Dear Help,
             Mozilla Firefox may be preventing you from receiving cookies from websites. Have you recently changed any settings in Mozilla FireFox, or possibly installed an update? My suggestion is to check your privacy settings. Open Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy: Choose the option "Use custom History Settings." Check the "Accept cookies from sites" and "Accept third-party cookies" options. If these options were unchecked, checking them should fix the problem. If the search functions are still giving you errors, try clearing your cookies and cache files. To do this: Open Firefox: Tools > Clear Recent History > Set the time range to Everything > Check the Cookies and Cache options > Hit the "Clear Now" button. Deleting your Cookies and your Cache files is good maintenance, but it may not resolve your issue. If this is the case I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling Mozilla Firefox. You may have a corrupt browser. Uninstall Mozilla Firefox by: Start > Control Panel > Uninstall/Add Programs > Select Mozilla Firefox > Click Uninstall. Reinstall Mozilla Firefox by downloading it from www.mozilla.com.
PC Doctor
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