New Materials September 17, 2009

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2009
Brown, Dan                              The Lost Symbol
Doctorow, E.L.                        Homer and Langley
Francis, Dick                            Even Money
Gregory, Philippa                      The White Queen
Kenyon, Sherrilyn                     Bad Moon Rising
Kinsella, Sophie                        Twenties Girl
Lindsay, Jeffrey                        Dexter by Design
Moore, Lorrie                          A Gate at the Stairs
Patterson, James                       Alex Cross's Trial
Patterson, Richard North          The Spire
Silva, Daniel                             The Defector
Balz, Daniel                              The Battle for America, 2008
Brumberg, Joan Jacobs The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls
Caughman, Susan                     You Can Adopt: an Adoptive Families Guide
Conway, J. North                     King of Heists: the Sensational Bank Robbery of 1878 that                                                        Shocked America
Covello, Joseph                        The Complete Book of Business Plans
DeThomas, Art             Writing a Convincing Business Plan
Katz, Jon                                  Soul of a Dog: Reflections on the Spirits of the Animals of                                                          Bedlam Farm
Kidder, Tracy                           Strength in What Remains
Koontz, Dean                           A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog
Mantovani, Roberto                  Everest: The History of the Himalayan Giant
O'Reilly, Bill                             The No Spin Zone
Pritzker, Barry                          Ansel Adams
Spitz, Bob                                Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!: the Beatles, Beatlemania, and the                                                   Music That Changed the World
Barrett, Lorna                           Bookmarked for Death
Brightwell, Emily                       Mrs. Jeffries in the Nick of Time
Brown, Carolyn                        To Commit
Brown, Carolyn                        To Trust
Davidson, Diane Mott               Fatally Flaky
Louise, Sharol                          Secret Bride
Macomber, Debbie                  92 Pacific Boulevard
Michaels, Fern                          The Scoop
Wingate, Lisa                           The Summer Kitchen
Cain, Chelsea                           Evil at Heart
Reichs, Kathy                           206 Bones
Burke, James Lee                     Rain Gods
Cook, Robin                            Intervention
Martini, Steve                           Guardian of Lies
17 Again
Brothers and Sisters, Season 3
CSI: Crime Season Investigation, Season 8
Dexter, Season 3
Hannah Montana the Movie
House, Season 5
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles