FREE UMass Fine Arts Center Tickets!

Athol Library Selected to Participate in Pilot Program

Free Fine Arts Center tickets!

The Athol Public Library, along with the Wheeler Memorial Library in Orange, the New Salem Library, and the Wendell Library, has been selected to participate in an exciting pilot program sponsored by the Fine Arts Center at U Mass Amherst. Complimentary tickets are available for 18 of their performances this season!

Come by the library for a list of the performances or check out the FAC’s website at Sign up for an event (at the library) and a librarian will show you how to claim your voucher.

Hats off to the Fine Arts Center for making this amazing cultural opportunity available for our communities.

Note: The first performance for which we have vouchers is THIS THURSDAY, November 7. You could experience Jen Shyu: Nine Doors for free! Jen Shyu is a Guggenheim Fellow, USA Fellow, Doris Duke Artist, Fulbright scholar, and composes, sings and performs on piano, violin, Taiwanese moon lute, Chinese er hu, Japanese biwa, Korean gayageum, Korean soribuk, and a Korean gong called "ggwaenggwari." Her solo multilingual and multi-instrumental piece Nine Doors explores powerful female legends as guides to express the importance of empathy over humanity's destructive impulses. Sung in Indonesian, Javanese, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Tetum, Korean, Japanese, and English, the work is "a full length multilingual, ritual music drama."

Learn more about Jen Shyu here:

Please come to the upstairs circulation desk if you would like these tickets!