PC Doctor January 20, 2020

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Dear PC Doctor:

I went to get a Real ID but was unable to get one because I didn’t have my social security card. I went online to fill out the form to request a replacement social security card, and ended up having to give my credit card number to print the form. Once I did this, I started to feel uneasy. I looked at the website, and it said right on it “This site is not associated with the SSA or any other government operated service.” I gave these people all kinds of information, including my date of birth, SS number, and credit card information. Yikes. What can I do to protect myself after the fact? Where should I have gone to get the real form for a new social security card?



Dear Scammed:

First, I am sorry this happened to you!

Please call your credit card company and let them know what has happened. They likely have procedures in place for these kinds of situations. They may change your account number and invalidate the old one that you gave out. They can stop the payment you made if it is fraudulent.

Government websites usually have a URL that ends in .gov. The official website for the Social Security Administration is https://www.ssa.gov/. There is a section on the website where you can access any SSA forms, including the one to request a new card. It does not cost any money to print the form. (If you have an online account with social security, you may be able to request a duplicate card online, without printing anything.) The Social Security website clearly states that there is no charge for a replacement card. If you are asked for money for a replacement card, you are not on the right site.

For some services, you will need to visit your local Social Security office in person. The federal website has a page that can help you locate the office nearest you: https://www.ssa.gov/locator/ For us here in Athol, the closest office is in Gardner.

I hope this helps!
Until next time,
Happy Computing!

PC Doctor

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