PC Doctor February 22, 2020

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Dear PC Dr:

I will be presenting a power point talk to my club next month. I am not sure what version they have on the computer there, and I’m a little bit nervous that it won’t be compatible with the file on my flash drive. I thought that maybe I could upload it to the google drive as a back-up. Can I convert a power point presentation to google slide format? How?



Dear Nic:

Yes – you can upload your power point file to google slides. First, make sure you have a good internet connection. Then, log into your google account. Open Drive. Click “New” and then “File Upload.” Find your power point file and click “Open.” Once it is uploaded, choose your presentation, right-click, choose “Open With” and then “Google Slides.” Google will convert your presentation and you will be able to open it from any computer with an internet connection, regardless of what version of power point it does or doesn’t have.

Note: It is worth reviewing the file before the day of your presentation. Some parts of it may look a little different and you don’t want them to catch you off guard when you’re in front of an audience.

Good luck!
Until next time,
Happy Computing!

PC Doctor

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