Library Renovation Photos

Library Park work has begun.

Site prep-work began this week on the Athol Public Library’s Millers River Park which is being funded through a PARC (Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities) grant from the Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. Shown mobilizing in the rear library parking lot is E.W.Sykes of Athol, a sub contractor to D.A.Sullivan & Sons, the general contractor on the library project. The park is expected to be completed in fall and will feature educational and recreational opportunities. An amphitheater for small workshops and performances is being constructed with granite blocks that were reclaimed from the old South Main Street bridge by the Sykes Company during the restoration of that bridge and can be seen on the flatbed truck being brought to the library. The remainder of the landscaping at the library was delayed to fit the timetable for the park construction and will also be completed this summer and fall, along with the final paving and installation of signage.