Athol Cemeteries

  • Old Pleasant Street Cemetery, behind 96 Pleasant Street-Origins for burial place are vague. It was probably laid out between 1773 and 1776. Was principal cemetery for 60 years.
  • Ellinwood Cemetery, Doe Valley Road-Land-Land obtained in 1870 for use as a burial ground. There were 74 gravestones counted here in 1978, which 40 were toppled over and vandilized several years earlier.
  • Calvary Cemetery, Vine Street-Money raised by the Catholic Church purchased land on Vine Street for their own cemetery. The town assisted in roadway and other structural necessities. Burial records sparse from 1881 to 1887. The cemetery operated unil 1911, with the opening of Gethsemane Cemetery
  • Highland Cemetery, Hillside Terrace-Deeded to the town in 1843 after the old Pleasant St. Cemetery became crowded. The oldest stone is that of Calvin Humphrey, who died in 1773 and was reinterred alongside his father. A major expansion in 1949 provided for another 144 plots.
  • First Settles' Cemetery, "Old Indian Cemetery", Hapgood Street-Some of the first settlers of Pequoig (Athol) were buried here but only a few names are known. It was in regular use from 1741 for about 30 years, with Indians all around. It is unclear if any Indians were ever buried in this cementery, the oldest cemetery in Athol.
  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mount Pleasant Street-This land was donated in 1745, to be used as a cemetery. It is second oldest cemetery in town. There were 466 gravestones counted in 1978, earliest being 1752.
  • Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Chestnut Hill Avenue-This land was yielded a portion of Capt. Jonathan Kendall's land, in 1778, to serve use as a burial place for the northeastern part of town. He reserved the right to graze sheep there. In 1844, his grandson gave the town the entire tract of land plus more. The earliest death date is 1786.
  • Stratton Cemetery, Off Adams Road-This is a private burial ground for the Stratton family. There are 80 marked graves and 20 unmarked. The earliest is dated 1840.
  • Fay Cemetery, Conant Road-Although the large Fay family lived in the southern part of town, their earlier burials were in the Pleasant Street Cemetery. Around 1830 some arrangement was made by Joseph Fay for a small tract of land to be used as a place of interment and, 1844, the plot was deeded to the town. First grave in this miniature burial ground was in 1834.
  • Silver Lake Cemetery, Silver Lake Cemetery-One of the most used cemeteries, this land was purchased from Mersylvia Twitchell and Asa Hill in 1870 and was formally dedicated in 1877, two years after the burial of Elias Walker. There were many expansions to this cemetery over the years. The number of graves exceeded 1,500 in 1986. There are far more at current time.
  • Gethsemane Cemetery, Brookside Road-This Catholic Cemetery was created due to the ever growing Catholic population. Purchased from Joseph E. Waite in 1909. It was opened in 1911 with the burial of John Venette. There have been periodic expansions over the years.