Discovery Kits

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Check out a backpack full of books and activities for at-home learning

Discovery Kits include books and activities to help supplement your child's learning! Our newest addition to the Discovery Kits is a collection of “Science Backpacks,” with resources provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Science Backpack Topics Include:

Bridges and Tunnels
Electricity and Magnets
Forces and Motion
Light and Sound
Plant Anatomy
Renewable Energy
Rocks and Erosion
Traits and Heredity
Weather and Sky

We're in the process of updating our original Discovery kits (packaged in plastic totes) with new books and materials, so some of the information found in them might be a little out of date. We're asking families who check out these kits to provide feedback on how we can best update/improve them to better suit their needs.

Original Discovery Kit Topics Include:

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Rome
Ancient Greece
Backyard Science
Bubbles and Water
Endangered Species
US Geography
Natural Events
Oceans and Seashore
Polar Regions
Simple Machines
Soil, Worms, and Composting
Weights and Measurements

Come to the library to get your kit or call us at 978-249-9515 to see what's available and reserve one.