PC Doctor September 24, 2009

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Dear PC Doctor,
    My screen display is rotated 90 degrees clockwise?!?! Don't ask me how I did it; I have no clue. Any ideas on how to reverse it? Thanks.
Dear Jeremy,
    There's a keyboard combination that rotates the screen in Windows XP. You may have accidentally hit the combination. But it's easily fixed through a similar key combination. CTRL+ALT + UP arrow, is the key combo that restores your display to the default orientation. You can also rotate the screen display in any direction by substituting the corresponding arrow key in the key combination.
PC Doctor
Dear PC Doctor,
      I am an antique paper dealer and because of a pinched nerve in my neck I have not been able to click my mouse to do eBay much anymore. Is there anything new out there, other than voice activated which I tried and couldn't do, that would have the mouse inside the monitor so I could gently touch the screen to do eBay and give computer commands? Thanks!
Dear Dave,
    Hope your pinched nerve is on the mend. In regards to your predicament with your mouse, there are a few solutions out there.
    You mentioned a touch screen interface. Such a technology does exist, and it is a feature that it is available for purchase with some computers. One option would be to purchase a new computer that comes included with the software and touch screen monitor. Several PC manufacturers such as HP, Panasonic, ASUS, and MSI all carry lines of both desktop and laptop touch screen computing. Pricing for touch screen computers generally range from $500 to $2000. If you’re interested in purchasing a touch screen computer; Amazon.com and Newegg.com are good places to see what is out there. Retail electronic stores, such as Best Buy, Target, or Radio Shack are also good places to check out. 
    A more economical solution that may work well for you is using a touchpad mouse. A touchpad mouse is a square pad consisting of a specialized surface that translates the motion and position of a finger to the mouse cursor on the computer screen. The advantage to a touchpad mouse is that instead of pressing a button to click, you gently tap the touchpad to register a mouse click. Touchpad mice are mainly utilized by laptops, in which the touchpad is integrated below the keyboard. Touchpad mice are, however, available as an individual electronic device that plugs into your computer. They're available for purchase on the Internet; as well as some electronic retail stores. Stores such as Amazon.com, Newegg.com, eBay.com, Best Buy, or Radioshack are some examples on where to find touchpad mice. Pricing generally ranges around $30 to $50. Good luck with eBay.
PC Doctor
Until next time…happy computing!