PC Doctor March 20, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:
  I am typing in Word in Windows 7.  Even though I have set the document to single-space, the spacing between my lines looks really big.  This looks especially dumb when I print envelopes.  I really want them to be single spaced.  What can I do?
      Signed, Mindy
Dear Mindy:
     How frustrating!  I’m not sure what is going on with your document, but I can offer you some tips to try. 
     Open a brand-new document in Word.  (I am using Microsoft Word 2007; a few steps may be different if you are using a newer or older version.)  Before you type any characters, click on the “Page Layout” tab (across the top of the screen).  The fourth box from the left is labeled “Paragraph.”  It will have 2 columns:  “Indent” and “Spacing.”  Make sure the spacing settings are set to zero.  Go back to “Home.”  On this screen, the third box from the left is labeled “Paragraph.”  You’ll see a little square that shows arrows pointing up and down, five horizontal lines, and a triangle pointing down.  Click on that.  Make sure “1.0” is checked.  Now try typing.  Your lines should be single spaced.
      Since you mentioned envelopes, I am guessing that you are hitting “Enter” after each line of the address.  If, after doing all the steps listed above, you are still getting large spaces between the lines, try hitting “shift” and “enter” at the same time.  I think this will solve your problem.
Until next time… Happy Computing!
      PC Doctor