PC Doctor March 27, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:
       Last year I got an iphone.  I have been using it instead of my old digital camera.  Because it’s always with me, I take a lot of pictures.  They are all still on my phone.  Can I move them to my computer? 
       Thanks, Diane
Dear Diane:
         Yes!  Here’s how:
            Since you are an iphone user, these instructions are for a Mac with iphoto.  First, using the cable that came with your phone, plug the phone into a USB port on your computer.  With the computer and the phone both on, your computer should recognize that the phone is present. 
            Iphoto may open automatically.  If not, open the iphoto application.  You should see a button that reads “Import All.”  When you click that, all of the photos on your phone will get imported to your computer. 
            During the process, you should be presented with a dialog box that asks if you want to delete the photos from the phone.  Choose yes if you want to delete them from your phone and only have them on your computer.  Don’t delete them if you still want them on your phone.  If you do delete them from your phone and the photos are important to you, you may want to back them up on a flash drive or SD chip. 
            Once the photos are imported into iphoto, the program will sort them into events by date.  You can create albums that group them any way you like.  You can also tag faces and give the photo files names.
            Until next time… Happy computing!
              PC Doctor