PC Doctor April 17, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:
      We have wireless internet at home.  Lately, it seems like the connection is getting slower and slower.  It’s making us crazy and the kids have trouble using the internet for any homework.  Do we need a new router?  Can I do anything to speed up our connection?
      Thanks, Adam
Dear Adam:
         Good questions.  A slowing connection or occasionally actually losing your connection are signs that you might need to replace your router.  Before you go that ‘route,’ there are some things you can do to get your router to perform better.
            First, there’s the old unplug it, wait a full minute, and then plug it back in.  It may also be helpful to move the router and plug it into a different electrical outlet.  Another thing you can check is whether your router is hot to the touch.  Like most electronics, the router wants a little breathing room.  Do you have yours on the telephone table underneath pads of post-it notes and pizza delivery flyers like I do?  Clear the area around your router.  You could even elevate it on its own little shelf and see if that improves your service.  It wouldn’t hurt to place your router near a little fan to give it more air.
            Speaking of moving your router, where you place it within your house matters.  A central location is best.  It should be away from any thick walls, and it should be elevated, rather than on the floor.  The little antenna on your router should be vertical, too.
            Hopefully, one of these tricks will result in better service.  If none of these help, you may need a new router.
            Until next time …Happy Computing!
            PC Doctor