PC Doctor June 10, 2010

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Dear PC Doctor:

When I turn my computer on Windows live messenger has always signed in automatically, until just recently. Now I have to type in my address and password every time. I went into the menu, then tools, then options and in "sign in". The box is still checked that says to allow automatic sign in when connected to the internet is there any where else that I could go to get it to sign in automatically again?



Dear Donna:

You aren't the only one who seems to be having issues with Windows Live Messenger not signing automatically. The problem seems to come from the Yahoo Toolbar that is installed in many web browsers including Internet Explorer. The installer for the Yahoo Toolbar seems to damage your Window user's profile registry. Thankfully, you won't need to mess with those settings.

Go to your web browser and go to this website: kwn.me/pcdoctor Click the link "Download Make Messenger Remember" Before it downloads, select "Open". Windows may ask for permission to open the file, select "Allow". Once the folder opens up, double click the "MakeMessengerRemember" application. When it opens up, click on the "Fix" button. The program should work its magic, and then restart your computer for you. When you boot up once again, you'll have to manually login, but the next time you turn your computer on, it should work great!

PC Doctor


Dear PC Doctor:

            I got a new laptop that has wireless in it supposedly but I don’t know how to connect to a wireless connection like the one you have at the library.  Can you help me out?


Dear JB:

            Some computers will connect automatically but if yours isn’t then you can connect manually.  Just look in the System Tray which is located at the bottom right hand of your screen.  You should see what looks like a little TV set icon (there may be more than one).  Bring your mouse down and ‘hover’ over that icon (s) until a box opens up and tells you that it is your wireless connection.  Right click on the icon and select ‘view available wireless networks’.  A connection window will open and you can see what wireless networks are accessible.  If you don’t see anything, then click on ‘refresh network list’ in the left hand corner. 

            To connect, select a network that is not security enabled (meaning you need a special password to connect) or get the password if one is required.  Click the ‘connect’ button and it should hook you up.  Some wireless hotspots (such as Panera Bread) will have a special window that will open up and ask you to log in.  The library connection does this and asks you to agree with our policy. 

                                                PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

            I was at the library using the public computers and was doing some online shopping.  Without thinking, when it asked me if I wanted to save my user name and password on a website, I said yes instead of no.  I don’t really want others to have access to my stuff.  Is there any way I can get rid of it?


Dear Joe:

            On the library computers you don’t have to worry because everything is wiped off the hard drive every night.  However if you were to do that at another place or a friend’s house, this is how you can delete that by opening up Internet Explorer and going up to the menu bar and choosing Tools.  Select Options and find the Content tab.   In the bottom section labeled Personal Information you should see a button labeled Auto Complete.  Click on that and it will open another window and in the Clear AutoComplete History, you should click the Clear Password button and then OK.  

            Of course you realize that you will also be deleting any user names and passwords that are on the computer too.  Make sure whoever’s computer it is has a list of them before you do this. 

                                                PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!