PC Doctor June 16, 2010

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Dear PC Doctor:
            I have a Verizon air card that I have been using with a Windows XP machine pretty successfully.  However my old computer died so I went out and got a new computer that came with Windows 7.   I used the disk that came with my air card and it installed fine but I can’t seem to make it recognize the air card.  What am I doing wrong?


Dear Frank:

            I suspect that the disk that you have to install the air card does not have the Windows 7 drivers with it.  Look at the disk and it will usually say which platforms it contains.  I’m betting it does not have Windows 7 listed there. 

If that is the case, first remove the software that you installed.  Go to Control Panel from the Start Orb, and under Programs click on Uninstall a Program.  Find Verizon or whatever the software name is that is listed on your disk, click on it and then ‘uninstall’.  Reboot the computer.  Oh one thing, please make sure that you remove the air card and keep it out of the USB port until the software asks you for it.

  To get the drivers for Windows 7, go to the Verizon website (either look at your paperwork for the address or Google ‘Verizon’).  Download and install the correct driver for both your particular brand air card in the Windows 7 format.   Follow the onscreen instructions and insert the card when it asks for it.  This process should get you up and running.  If it still doesn’t, I think the best bet is to call the Tech support number listed on the Verizon website and they can walk you through the process.

            PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

            I am applying for a job and the ad is asking for me to attach the cover letter and the resume to the email application.  I think I might know how to do this but this job is very important to me so I would really really like to do it exactly right.  I tried copying and pasting it in the body of the email and then sending it to myself.  It looks right but I’m not exactly sure that’s what they want.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Ann:

            I don’t think you want to include the cover letter and resume in the body of an email.  What will end up happening is that both will run into each other which will be a pain for the employer to pull apart.  Or they might just end up printing them as one which will also look bad.  As an employer who has people apply this way, when I get one in email like that, I will tell you that it prints out with all the email information like to:info@athollibrary.org with the date, etc.  Print out an email so you can see what I mean.  It is not a very professional presentation for a job.

            What you should do is create two documents, preferably using Word or as a PDF file, and save one as a cover letter and one as a resume.  Some I’ve seen have used their last name too to help identify theirs.  So for example John Smith’s would be SmithCoverLetter and SmithResume. 

            Open up an email message, fill out who it is going to, etc. (I always actually send a copy to myself on the BCC line which does not show up to the prospective employer.)  On the subject line put the name of the position that you are applying for so that the employer knows immediately which job this application is for.  So if it was a library page job, you could put Library Page Application.

            In the message area put a short concise message indicating that you have attached the resume and cover letter.  For example: Please find attached a cover letter and resume for the position of Library Page at the Athol Public Library.  Please let me know if you have difficulty opening it.  Thank you for your consideration.  Signed xx

            Once you have written this look at your open email for an attachment button.  Every email program is different so yours may have a paperclip icon or a button that says ‘Attachments’ or “Attach”.  When you find what you need, click on that and the box that opens will usually ask you to ‘Browse’ to find the file you want to attach.  Find your resume and attach, again click the attach button or icon and browse to find and attach your cover letter.  Finally click the ‘send’ button to wing it on its way to your prospective employer.

            Good luck on your job search.

            PC Doctor

News this week: for users of the iPad, there was an alert this week about hackers who got into the email system through a security vulnerability.  AT&T has announced that it was discovered and corrected so if you have one, you should be all set.

Until next time… happy computing!