PC Doctor September 18, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:


            Can you help me with Skype?  I had an important conversation that was going to take place over Skype.  We did a test call, using the same computer, locations, and internet connection that we were going to use for the real call.  Everything worked great!  Then, when we tried to have the important conversation the next day, there was so much static and background noise over Skype that we had to give up.  What happened?  What can I do to get a better connection next time?

            Thanks, Rachel


Dear Rachel:


            Given that the Skype connection worked well in the test but not when you needed it to, I’m wondering if you’re on shared internet, like unsecured wireless.  It could be that, during the test, there weren’t many devices using that network, but when you made your important call, there were. 


            If you are using a wireless connection for Skype, here are a few suggestions that may help: Set up for your Skype call as physically close to your router as you can.  Also, once you’re set up, don’t move your laptop during the call; this will help stabilize your wireless connection.  If at all possible, make sure there aren’t other devices using the same connection during your call.  If someone is streaming video right next to you, your Skype call quality will suffer.


Until next time … Happy Computing!

           PC Doctor