PC Doctor February 19, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

Our terrific printer, that has served us well for a long time, has stopped working!  On its little screen, it’s telling us it has a “firmware error 900.57.”  How do we fix this?  It’s a Dell 2330dn black and white laser printer.



Dear Mary:

The good news is that your printer is asking for what it needs:  a firmware download.  The Dell company has a support page you can visit online that describes this issue.  Dell suggests that you try the following:  First, cancel any print jobs you’ve sent to the printer.  Then, unplug the USB or network cable from your printer.  Turn it off, wait a bit, and turn it on again.  Press the “Menu” button on the printer and select “Reports.”  Highlight “Printer/System Settings Report” and select.  The report should print.  Once the report prints, reconnect your cables and try printing.  If you are successful, hooray!  If the printer shows the 900.57 error again, it’s time to download and install the firmware.  You can find directions for doing that on the Dell website (dell.com).  Choose the “Support” tab and click on “Drivers and Downloads.”  Good luck!

Until next time,

Happy Computing!

     PC Doctor