New Materials February 26, 2016

Latest materials at the Athol Library!


FEBRUARY 26, 2016



Adelman, Michelle – Piece of Mind

Anders, Charlie – All the Birds in the Sky

Baggott, Julianna – Harriet Wolf’s Seventh Book of Wonders

Barron, Stephanie – Jane and the Waterloo Map

Beaton, M.C. – Death of a Nurse

Beck Cogburn, Emily – Louisiana Saves the Library

Belcher, W.B. – Lay Down Your Weary Tune

Campbell, Bonnie Jo – Mothers, Tell Your Daughters

Canin, Ethan – A Doubter’s Almanac

Case, Alison – Nelly Dean

Coble, Colleen – A Heart’s Disguise

Coble, Colleen – A Heart’s Obsession

Crosley, Sloan – The Clasp

Dubois, Brendan – Night Road

Foster, Alan Dean – The Force Awakens

Gallagher, Matt – Youngblood

Gardner, Lisa – Find Her

Griffin, Matthew – Hide

Hall, Parnell – Presumed Puzzled

Hamer, Kate – The Girl in the Red Coat

Harrigan, Stephen – A Friend of Mr. Lincoln

Indridason, Arnaldur – Into Oblivion

Johnson, Julia – Be Frank With Me

Kellerman, Jonathan – Breakdown

Kennedy, Douglas – The Blue Hour

Kerangal, Maylis de – The Heart

Kingsnorth, Paul – The Wake

Knott, Robert – Robert B. Parker’s Blackjack

Kurniawan, Eka – Beauty is a Wound

Les Becquets, Diane – Breaking Wild

Lupton, Rosamund – The Quality of Silence

Mahon, Annette – Slay Bells

Martel, Yann – The High Mountains of Portugal

Muller, Marcia – The Plague of Thieves Affair

Nguyen, Viet Thanh – The Sympathizer

Novak, Brenda – Hanover House

Pears, Iain – Arcadia

Powers, Tim – Medusa’s Web

Praag, Menna van – The Witches of Cambridge

Rayne, Sarah – The Bell Tower

Robb, J.D. – Brotherhood in Death

Romo, Kelly – Whistling Women

Scott, Jennifer – A Hundred Gifts

Shepard, Jim – The Book of Aron

Sin, Kyong-Suk – The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness

Smith, Charlie – Ginny Gall

Smith, Jill Eileen – The Prophetess

Szabo, Magda – The Door

Tallis, F.R. – The Passenger

Viguie, Debbie – Thou Art With Me

Viguie, Debbie – Thy Rod and Thy Staff

Warlick, Ashley – The Arrangement

Wright, Ronald – The Gold Eaters