PC Doctor July 21, 2010

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Dear PC Doctor:

            I recently bought an iPod Touch and would like to know how to get my Outlook contacts and appointments into it.  At least Im assuming that I can do that.  Oh please tell me that I can do that!


Dear Dan:

            Yes you can, just download iTunes at www.apple.com/itunes.  Next plug in your iPod touch cord into your iPod touch and into your computer.  On the left hand side under Devices, select or click on your iPod touch which should be listed there.  The screen next to this column will change and you will look for and select the Info tab.  Now you can just follow down the list checking the items that apply to you, for example sync Outlook calendars.  Finally just click the Apply button located in the lower right hand corner.  Your computer and iPod Touch should sync and you should be all set!

            PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor;

            I just got a new computer and I used to use Windows Mail for my email.  I dont see it anywhere  where did it go?


Dear Ann:

            Well, if you remember even before Windows Mail, many of used Outlook Express.  When Vista came along, it disappeared and was replaced by Windows Mail to the chagrin of many of us.  Now with the new release of Windows 7 operating system, we have once again found ourselves searching for our email.

            The new replacement is called Windows Live Mail.  You will need to download and install Windows Live Essentials and then import your email, contacts and calendar.  Because the instructions are too lengthy to detail here, I would suggest that you go to www.windows.microsoft.com and in the search box put in Windows Live Mail and follow the instructions there.

            I agree though, it is very frustrating to have to download and move to a new email package every time Microsoft decides to upgrade or change platforms.  You might check into other packages like Thunderbird or any of the others out there.

            PC Doctor

Did you know& if you have Windows XP and want to upgrade to the new Windows 7  you are going to have a problem because Windows 7 is not an upgrade but a new program.   Make sure you do a little research on how to reinstall your old programs and move your files or have a qualified technician do it for you or just stick with XP.   Not trying to discourage you but just wanting to make sure that you are aware before you try anything!

Until next time, happy computing!