PC Doctor April 22, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

Recently, a big “chat” window popped up on facebook.  It takes up a lot of my screen and gets in my way.  Can I make it go away?  I tried turning off chat but that just made it so people couldn’t message me.  I want people to still be able to message me but I want the big window to move out of my way.  What can I do?





Dear Liz:

The tricky thing about facebook is that it appears differently to different users and in different browsers.  Look at your chat window.  Is there a little x in the blue bar, on the right?  If so, you can click the x and the chat window will close.  When you’re ready to send someone a message, look at the bottom of your facebook screen and click the (very) small picture that looks like a paper and pencil.  A chat window will open.

If you do not have the x in the blue bar, try clicking on the picture of a gear.  One of your choices might be “Close All Chat Tabs.”  Click that.  If you don’t have that option, simply click anywhere inside that blue bar and your chat window should minimize.  When you’re ready to chat, click in the same area of the lower-right of your screen, next to where you see the gear and paper and pencil icons.  Chat will re-open.

Until next time,

Happy Computing!

         PC Doctor