New Materials May 12, 2016

Latest materials at the Athol Library!


MAY 12, 2016



Backman, Fredrick – Britt-Marie Was Here

Baldacci, David – The Last Mile

Berney, Louis – The Long and Faraway Gone

Bjork, Samuel – I’m Traveling Alone

Blackadder, Jesse – Raven’s Heart

Briggs, Patricia – Fire Touched

Cleave, Chris – Everyone Brave is Forgiven

DeLillo, Don – Zero K

Deveraux, Jude – The Girl from Summer Hill

Fifield, Richard – The Flood Girls

Gardos, Peter – Fever at Dawn

Greenway, Alice – Bird Skinner

Haddad, Saleem – Guapa

Hallinan, Timothy – King Maybe

Hamilton, Jane – The Excellent Lombards

Hay, Ashley – The Railwayman’s Wife

Heyman, Arlene – Scary Old Sex

Hilton, L.S. – Maestra

Install, Deborah – A Robot in the Garden

Johansen, Iris – Hide Away

Kelly, Lee – A Criminal Magic

Kessler, Kate – It Takes One

Kingsbury, Karen – Brush of Wings

Klaussmann, Liza – Villa America

Kloeble, Christopher – Almost Everything Very Fast

Lyris, Sonia Orin – The Seer

Mallery, Susan – Best of My Love

Maxwell, Edith – Delivering the Truth

McGoran, Jonathan – Dust Up

McKinnjey-Whetstone – Lazaretto

Michaels, Fern – No Safe Secret

Nesbo, Jo – Midnight Sun

O’Nan, Stewart – City of Secrets

Page, Katherine Hall – The Body in the Wardrobe

Pataki, Allison – Sisi

Patrick, Phaedra – The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

Preston, John – The Dig

Quick, Amanda – ‘Til Death Do Us Part

Quinn, Julia – Because of Miss Bridgerton

Redfearn, Suzanne – No Ordinary Life

Ruff, Matt – Lovecraft Country

Runcie, James – Sidney Chambers and the Perils of the Night

Runcie, James – Sidney Chambers and the Problem of Evil

Runcie, James – Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death

Russo, Richard – Everybody’s Fool

Sandford, John – Extreme Prey

Sweeney, Cynthia – The Nest

Swift, Graham – Mothering Sunday

Thomas, Rosie – Iris and Ruby

Toutonghi, Steve – Join

Treuer, David – Prudence

Tripp, Ben – The Fifth House of the Heart

Vestal, Shawn – Daredevils

Winter, Ariel – Barren Cove