PC Doctor July 8, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

I attended a presentation that I would like to share with my board of directors.  The presenter emailed me the presentation; rather than have my group watch the slides, I’d like to print them and give them as handouts.  Is there a way to print them so I don’t have one huge slide on each page?  That would be a lot of paper.




Dear Barbara:

Yes!  And, you can even choose how many slides to print on each page.  The directions that follow refer specifically to Power Point 2007; if you are familiar with Power Point and have a different version, you may have to tweak a few steps.

First, open the presentation you want to print.  Then, click the Microsoft Office button (in the upper left of the screen), click the arrow next to Print, and choose Print Preview.  In the Page Setup menu, click the arrow under Print What.  You will get a drop-down menu.  Choose the page layout and number of slides per page that you want to print.  One nice feature is that the 3 slides per page option includes lines on which readers can jot notes.  Then, click the arrow under Orientation and choose Portrait or Landscape.  Click Print.

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