New Materials September 9, 2010

Latest Materials at the Athol Library





Baker, Frank – Miss Hargreaves

Caldwell, Joseph – The Pig Comes to Dinner

Caldwell, Joseph – The Pig Did It

Carr, Robyn – Forbidden Falls

Carr, Robyn – Moonlight Road

Crusie, Jennifer – Maybe This Time

Franzen, Jonathan – Freedom

Gray, Sarah – Wuthering Bites

Gruen, Sara – Ape House

Kay, Guy – Under Heaven

Kittle, Katrina – The Blessings of the Animals

Lindsay, Jeffry – Dexter is Delicious

Maguire, Gregory – Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

Maguire, Gregory – Mirror, Mirror

McGowan, Kathleen – The Book of Love

McGowan, Kathleen – The Poet Prince

McMillan, Terry – Getting to Happy

Murray, Paul – Skippy Dies

O’Connor, Stephen – Here Comes Another Lesson

Robinson, Peter – Bad Boy

Sandford, John – Bad Blood

Serling, Carol, ed. – More Stories from the Twilight Zone

Smith, Kyle Thomas – 85A

Stross, Charles – The Atrocity Archives

Woods, Stuart – Santa FeEdge



Maloney, Brenna – Socks Appeal

Beamer, Lisa – Let’s Roll

Gehring, Abigail – Homesteading

Anderson,Emily – Eco-chic Home

Larkin, Emma – Finding George Orwell in Burma

Delahunty, Jennifer – I’m Going to College—Not You!

Hawking, S.W. – The Grand Design

Sandler, Martin – Lost to Time: Unforgettable Stories that History Forgot

Green, Hardy – The Company Town: the Industrial Edens and Satanic Mills That Shaped the American Economy

Ackerman, Jennifer – Ah-choo!: the Uncommon Life of Your Common Cold

Smyth, Denis – Deathly Deception: the Real Story of Operation Mincemeat



Ali, Nujood – I am Nujood

Athill, Diana – Instead of a Letter: a Memoir

Hersh, Burton – Edward Kennedy: an Intimate Biography



Coel, Margaret – The Spider’s Web

Rendell, Ruth – Portobello



CougarTown, Season 1

Night Court, Seasons 1, 2

Cold Souls

Scarlet Street and the Stranger, double feature

A Man Named Pearl

The Spy Next Door

To Save a Life


Diary of a Wimpy Kid


Whatever Works

Death at a Funeral

NCIS: Season 7

Dexter, the Fourth Season

Drop Dead Diva, Season 1

Gossip Girl: the Complete Third Season

Lost: the Complete Sixth and Final Season

The Last Song