New Materials March 6, 2017

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MARCH 6, 2017


Appelfeld, Aharon – The Man Who Never Stopped Sleeping

Brown, Karen – The Clairvoyants

Burch, Heather – In the Light of the Garden

Cameron, W. Bruce – A Dog’s Purpose

Cogman, Genevieve – The Burning Page

Cornwell, Bernard – The Flame Bearer

Corry, Jane – My Husband’s Wife

Crilley, Paul – Department Zero

Crombie, Deborah – Garden of Lamentations

Fabiaschi, Abby – I Liked My Life

Frankel, Laurie – This is How It Always Is

Fuller, Claire – Swimming Lessons

Gardner, Lisa – Right Behind You

Gay, Roxane – Difficult Women

George, Alex – Setting Free the Kites

Goodkind, Terry – Death’s Mistress

Griffin, W.E.B. – Curtain of Death

Grippando, James – Most Dangerous Place

Harris, C.S. – Good Time Coming

Harris, Robert – Conclave

Hunt, Laird – The Evening Road

Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew – The Nowhere Man

Jonasson, Ragnar – Snowblind

Kavanaugh, Tasha – Things We Have in Common

Kinsella, Sophie – My Not So Perfect Life

Kitamura, Katie M. – A Separation

LaBan, Elizabeth – Pretty Little World

Lansdale, Joe R. – Rusty Puppy

Lee, Min Jin – Pachinko

Mackintosh, Clare – I See You

Macomber, Debbie – Christmas Masquerade

Mastai, Elan – All Our Wrong Todays

McCall Smith, Alexander – The Bertie Project

McLaren, Kaya – The Road to Enchantment

Murphy, Sara Flannery – The Possessions

Oates, Joyce Carol – A Book of American Martyrs

Omotoso, Yewande – The Woman Next Door

Patterson, James – Never Never

Pinborough, Sarah – Behind Her Eyes

Rankin, Ian – Rather Be the Devil

Rivers, Susan – The Second Mrs. Hockaday

Robb, J.D. – Echoes in Death

Rooney, Kathleen – Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk

Sekaran, Shanthi – Lucky Boy

Silvis, Randall – Two Days Gone

Smith, April – Home Sweet Home

Star, Nancy – Sisters One, Two, Three

Steel, Danielle – The Mistress

Taylor, Brad – Ring of Fire

Thomas, Rosie – Lovers and Newcomers

Wallace, Melanie – The Girl in the Garden

Ward, Amanda Eyre – The Nearness of You

White, Karen – The Guests on South Battery

Woods, Stuart – Below the Belt

Zhang, Lijia – Lotus