PC Doctor March 10, 2017

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Dear PC Doc,

I use the mail application on my iPhone 6 to check my Yahoo mail and Gmail and I was wondering if there was a way around having to reset my Yahoo email password after an update to the iPhone 6?

I am currently using the iOS 10.2.1.  I don't want to have to change my email password.  It is very secure, long, many characters and capital letters.  Is there a way to prevent having to change this password?  Ever since the update, Yahoo has been asking me to change my password.  I haven’t checked my mail on my phone since. 


    iPhone 6 user


Dear iPhone 6 user:

I am not sure if the phone update and the Yahoo password change are related.  Nevertheless, here is something you can try.

It sounds like Yahoo is forcing you to choose a new password before you can get into your mail.  Go ahead and do it.  Then, some time later, from any mobile device, go to your Yahoo account page, tap the “Menu” icon, and click “Account Security.”  Click “Change Password.”  Enter the old password that you liked better, and confirm it.  Click “Continue.”  From Yahoo’s point of view, you will have changed your password twice.  From yours, you have your old password back.

That said, it is good practice to change your passwords every now and then.  If you are willing, it might be a good idea to get used to your new password.  Your choice!

Until next time,
Happy Computing!

    PC Doctor