PC Doctor December 2, 2010

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Dear PC Doctor:

            I bought a used laptop with Vista to upgrade from my Windows ME computer and I’m wondering how to turn on the automatic Windows updates like I did in XP.


Dear Bob:

            That’s a nice easy question!  Just go to the Start button, then All Programs and find and click on Windows Update off the list.  In the left hand column, select Change Settings.  Choose Install Updates Automatically and the time you would like them to occur.  Look over and choose the other options you might be interested in.  Click the OK button to save and close out.

                      PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

            I’m using Word 2007 and it sure takes some getting used to.  My question concerns pictures or I should say clip art.  When I’m working with them I will often resize, crop, add, change colors, etc. until sometimes I get to a point that I want to just start over.  I sometimes end up clicking the undo button 20 or more times.  Is there a way that I can just start over without having to do that?


Dear Gary:

            Well, you can simply delete the art and re- insert it.  Another way is to select the mess you’ve created by clicking on it, click Picture Tools on the upper ribbon, then Format.  On the far left in the Adjust area, click the Reset Picture Button.   This should get you back to square one.

                       PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

            I am new to Windows 7 and would like to use a feature I heard about, the online keyboard.  Do you know how to get that on the screen?  I don’t necessarily want it all the time but sometimes.  Thanks for all your help.


Dear Karen:

            All you need to do is click on the Start Orb on the bottom left and in the search box type in ‘keyboard’ (without the quotes).  You should see the keyboard at the top of the start menu and all you have to do is click on it to open it up.  There is one other way you could access it and that is to again go to Start, choose All Programs, choose Accessories and finally Ease of Access.

                        PC Doctor


Until next time… happy computing!