PC Doctor September 21, 2020

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Dear PC Doctor:

One of my cousins’ Facebook account got breached and it keeps sending out these group messages that are clearly not from him. There’s a weird video clip and I’m afraid it’s going to do something bad to my device. How do I get rid of the message chain?



Dear Jacqui:

If you are using Facebook on your computer, open the group message (but don’t click on the suspect video). At the top of the message window, click down-arrow where you see the names of the people included in the group. You’ll get a pop-out menu. You have two choices: You can click Leave group or you can click Delete conversation. Either one will result in you receiving no further notifications regarding this conversation and eliminates the worry that you’re going to click on something bad contained in it.

If you’re using the Messenger app, open the group conversation in Chats. Tap the names of the people in the conversation, which you’ll see near the top. Scroll down and tap Leave Group > Leave.

I hope that helps!
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Happy computing!
PC Doctor

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