New Materials June 30, 2017

Latest materials at the Athol Library!


JUNE 30, 2017



Cantor, Jilian – The Lost Letter

Chancellor, Bryn – Sycamore

Collier, Monica – Kissing Hollywood

Doiron, Paul – Knife Creek

Drew, Alan – Shadow Man

Evans, Richard Paul – The Broken Road

Fridlund, Emily – History of Wolves

Green, Jane – The Sunshine Sisters

Hayman, James – The Girl on the Bridge

Kelly, Christina – Good Karma

Khadivi, Laleh – A Good Country

Kiernan, Stephen – The Baker’s Secret

Kietzman, Susan – Every Other Wednesday

Lennon, J. Robert – Broken River

Lock, Norman – A Fugitive in Walden Woods

Moore, Kathleen – Piano Tide

Persson, Leif – The Dying Detective

Robards, Karen – The Ultimatum

Roberts, Nora – Come Sundown

Shimotakahara, Leslie – After the Bloom

Steel, Danielle – Against All Odds

Taylor, Ann Kidd – The Shark Club

Umrigar, Thrity – Everybody’s Son

Wallace, Daniel – Extraordinary Adventures

Woods, Stuart – Fast and Loose



Ackerman, Diane – The Zookeeper’s Wife

Aldridge, John – A Speck in the Sea

Baron, David – American Eclipse

Bloom, Cameron – Penguin the Magpie

Cassidy, Cody – And Then You’re Dead:  What Really Happens If You Get Swallowed by a Whale, are Shot From a Cannon or Go Barreling Niagara

Chomsky, Noam – Requiem for the American Dream

Davidson, Justin – Magnetic City:  A Walking Companion to New York

Dreyer, Thorne, ed. – Celebrating the Rag:  Austin's Iconic Underground Newspaper

Engeln, Renee – Beauty Sick:  How the Cultural Obsession with Appearance Hurts Girls and Women

Fagin, Ami – One Hundred and One Visual Haiku

Grann, David – Killers of the Flower Moon:  The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI

Haskell, David – The Songs of Trees:  Stories From NAture's Great Connectors

Haupt, Lyanda – Mozart’s Starling

Hoffman, Rachel – Unfuck Your Habitat:  You're Better Than Your Mess

Johnson, Yvette – The Song and the Silence

Jones, Marijke – Child Decoded

Judson, Brewer – The Craving Mind

Kakalios, James – The Physics of Everyday Things

Katz, Jon – Talking to Animals

Lamott, Anne – Hallelujah

Leblanc, Ronny – Monsterland: Encounters with UFO’s, Bigfoot, and Orange Orbs

Levingston, Steven – Kennedy and King

Levy, Ariel – The Rules Do Not Apply

Lewis, Michael – The Undoing Project

Montalvan, Luis – Tuesday’s Promise:  One Veteran, One Dog, and Their Bold Quest to Change Lives

Moore, Kate – The Radium Girls

Otto, Mary – Teeth:  The Story of Beauty, Inequality, and the Struggle for Oral Health in America

Parker, Kate – Strong is the New Pretty

Philp, Drew – A $500 House in Detroit

Pleasant, Barbara – Homegrown Pantry

Robinson, Lori – Wild Lives

Rosenberg, Moshe –  The Unofficial Hogwarts Haggadah

Sandberg, Sheryl – Option B

Sasse. Benjamin – The Vanishing American Adult

Scafidi, Lester – Lester’s Tunes

Sedaris, David – Theft by Finding

Seinfeld, Jessica – Food Swings

Selzer, Adam – H.H. Holmes:  THe True History of the White City Devil

Sullivan, Margaret –  The Jane Austen Handbook

Tyson, Neil deGrasse – Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

Valera, Charlie – My Father’s War: Memories from Our Honored World War II Soldiers

Warren, Elizabeth – This Fight is Our Fight

Weaver, Stephanie – The Migraine Relief Plan

Westrich, Greg – Hiking Maine’s Baxter State Park

Yelin, Barbara – Irmina

Youssef, Michael – The Barbarians Are Here

Also, in memory of Arlan Butler, Janet Mann gave BMW Motorcycles by Doug Mitchel, Nancy Daub gave Paddling Southern Maine by Sandy Moore, the Leland and Frances Taylor Revocable Trust gave AMC Outdoor Adventures: Acadia National Park by the Appalachian Mountain Club and NASCAR, the Complete History by Greg Fielden, and the DesRosiers family gave Complete Book of BMW Motorcycles by Ian Faloon.

Walt and Marie Lehman gave Papi: My Story by David Ortiz in memory of Loretta Mcrae.



Alexander, Hannah – Necessary Measures

Alexander, Hannah – Second Opinion

Alexander, Tamera – A Note Yet Unsung

Balough, Mary – Indiscreet

Branard, Lynne – Traveling Light

Bunn, Davis – Miramar Bay

Butler, Nickolas – The Hearts of Men

Chase, Samantha – Made for Us and Love Walks In

Day, Barry – The Shakespeare Globe Murders

Eden, Cynthia – After the Dark

Ellsworth, Loretta – Stars Over Clear Lake

Fisher, Carrie – The Princess Diarist

Gray, Shelley Shepard – Her Secret

Hampton, Nell – Kale to the Queen

Hannon, Irene – Sandpiper Cove

Harris, Lisa – Pursued

Heller, Peter – Celine

Hooper, Kay – Wait for Dark

Hunter, Georgia – We Were the Lucky Ones

Hyzy, Julie – Grace Sees Red and Grace Cries Uncle

Jecks, Michael – Rebellion’s Message

Kennedy, Emma – Shoes for Anthony

Kitamura, Katie – A Separation

Koneto, R.J. – Alice and the Assassin

Liebert, Emily – Some Women

Longworth, M.L. – The Curse of La Fontaine

Miller, Emma – Plain Missing

Miller, Linda Lael – Always a Cowboy

Pullen, M.J. – The Marriage Pact and Regrets Only

Putney, Mary Jo – Once a Soldier

Ramsay, Caro – Rat Run: A Scottish Police Procedural

Reay, Katherine – A Portrait of Emily Price

Stewart, Mariah – The Last Chance Matinee



Brierley, Saroo – A Long Way Home

Jenner, Caitlyn – The Secrets of My Life

Verant, Samantha – How to Make a French Family



Bob’s Burgers: Complete 5th Season

Bones: Season 12

Call the Midwife: Season Six


Disturbing the Peace

A Dog’s Purpose


Fifty Shades Darker

The Freedom to Marry

Get Out

The Girl with All the Gifts


The Great Wall

Grimm: Season Six

I Am Not Your Negro

John Wick: Chapter 2

La La Land

The Last Word

LEGO Batman Movie


My Life as a Zucchini


Nova: Making North America

Nova: The Nuclear Option

Ocean Waves

Orange is the New Black: Season 4

The Red Turtle

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The Salesman

The Space between Us


Suits: Season Six

Table 19

A Ticking Time Bomb

Unleashing Mr. Darcy



The Great Wall

LEGO Batman Movie

Ocean Waves

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story