PC Doctor September 22, 2017

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Dear PC Doctor:

I would like to save all the photos I have uploaded to my facebook account on to a flash drive and then delete them from facebook.  I know I can do this one photo at a time, but I would love it if there was a way to do them all at once, easily.  Can you help?




Dear Virginia:

If your photos are organized into albums, you’re in luck! 

Log into your account.  Click your Photos tab.  Choose Albums.  Open the album you want to download to your flash drive.  Click on the gear icon on the upper right side.  Choose Download Album.  Follow the onscreen prompts.  Facebook will download the album to your computer, and then you can transfer it over to your flash drive.

To delete an album, follow the same steps, this time selecting Delete Album instead of Download Album.

If your photos are not in albums, you will have to do each one individually.  According to the facebook help pages, the only way to save a photo you’ve uploaded to your facebook account is to hover your mouse over the photo, choose Options, and then choose Download.  (You could potentially save some time by grouping all your Timeline photos into an album and then downloading and deleting that album.)


I hope this helps!
Until next time,
Happy Computing!

   PC Doctor