PC Doctor January 19, 2011

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Dear PC Doctor,

I recently got an iPod for my birthday, so I downloaded iTunes so I could sync my music. I already have some songs on my computer that I'd like to put on my iPod, but I don't know how to get them there since they don't show up in iTunes. Do I have to buy the songs again in iTunes to play on my iPod?


Dear Ashley,

No, you don't need to purchase those songs again to get them into your iTunes and onto your iPod. You can actually buy mp3's anywhere, for example at Amazon.com and import those into your iTunes Library to sync to your iPod. Sometimes iTunes needs a little guidance with finding the music that's already on your computer. Fire up iTunes and click on File. From there, select “Add Folder to Library”. A new window will pop-up; from there navigate to the location of your music. (hint: it's probably in your “My Music” folder) Don't worry if that folder is filled with many folders of music. Just select the folder holding all the music and click “Import”. iTunes is smart enough to search and reorganize the music into albums in your Library. Depending on how much music is being imported, it should only take a minute or two. Once finished, plug in your iPod and sync your music!

Buying your music in iTunes is great, since it will automatically adds the new music to your Library. When you get mp3's from other vendors, you just have to be sure to import them to add them to your iTunes Library, and thus sync to your iPod. Just like any other kind of shopping, iTunes doesn't always have the best deal on music. It's convenient, but feel free to check out other mp3 vendors to get a better deal.

            PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

A few times now, I've been working on typing a document in Microsoft Word and something strange happens. Sometimes I don't notice a typo until after I've gone on for a bit. When I click after the typo, backspace the mistake and then try to type, the new letters delete the letters that are in front of it! It's like it is backspacing forwards when I type anything new in. What is making this happen and why does it only happen sometimes? Is it supposed to do that?


Dear Rhonda,

Aha, this is a predicament that I have been in many times. The source of your problem lies with the key on your keyboard that's usually to the right of your backspace key. It's the “Insert” key. You may be accidentally pressing the key without realizing it, thus making it seem like a random occurrence. Unlike the Caps Lock being on, Insert doesn't turn a little light on, on your keyboard. At the bottom of the frame of Microsoft Word, there is a box that usually contains the letters “INSRT”. If Insert has been pressed, it will instead say “OVER”. That's one way to immediately tell if it's been turned on. Thankfully, if it does happen, you shouldn't have to worry about retyping if you've run over the text you want to keep. Just click “Edit”, then “Undo” to return to your former state, or just hold down CTRL while pressing Z! Insert is a handy way to backspace in reverse. While it may seem a bit awkward, in some situations, as such as computer coding, it's a handy way to move around fast and to make quick changes.

            PC Doctor


Until next time... happy computing!