PC Doctor October 20, 2010

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Dear PC Doctor:

            I use Windows Mail and something has really been bothering me.  When I look at the list of the emails that are in the inbox and I want to use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through them, it seems to work sometimes.  Most frustrating is when I get a long email and I can’t scroll through it without using the scroll bar on the side.  I must be doing something wrong but I can’t figure it out.


Dear Chris:

            I think the problem is as simple as the fact that you need to have your cursor in the list or in the email you want to scroll though with the arrow keys.  For example, if you want to go through an email, click with your mouse inside the message anywhere.  That makes that area ‘active’ so the keyboard arrow keys will work within that message or area where the mouse cursor is located.  Same with the messages.  Click on one of them to activate the mouse.  See if that works.

            PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

            I am a new user to Windows 7 and was practicing adding new user login screens because I wanted to add certain ones for my two grandchildren to use when they come over.  Unfortunately I accidentally created about 5 of them and can’t figure out how to remove those I don’t want.


Dear Amy:

            First you have to make sure you are not logged into any account that you want to remove.  You should log onto your administrator account, which I assume is the main and first one you created. 

            Click on the Start orb and choose Control Panel.  Then under User Accounts and Family Safety, click on ‘add or remove user accounts’.  Another window will open and you highlight the account you want to delete and click ‘delete the account’.   It will ask if you want to delete any files associated with that account (for example, pictures and so on).  Since I don’t think you loaded anything into that account as you were playing around, say yes.  Then click the ‘delete account’ button and close out.  Follow the same procedure if you have others to get rid of.

Dear PC Doctor:

            Everyone at work has decided to get AIM on their computers so we can see when people are available on other floors and to ask quick questions.  I am embarrassed to say I don’t know what that is?  Can you tell me what to do?


Dear Steve:

            It’s AOL (America On Line)’s instant messaging or ‘chat’ product.  AIM stands for AOL Instant Messaging. You don’t need to be a member of AOL to use it, you just need to go to www.aim.com and click the big yellow Download AIM button on the main screen.  Follow the onscreen prompts to download it to your computer.  Then when you sign into it in the morning when you arrive at work you will see a chat area at the bottom which will list those members of your network who are online.  If you click on their name, you can send them a message and vice versa.

            PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!