PC Doctor October 28, 2010

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Dear PC Doctor:

            I just upgraded the Internet Explorer to version number 9.  But now I don’t seem to have a menu bar at the top anymore.  I’ve tried to use what I see up there but it’s just impossible.  Is there any way to get back the previous version so I can get some work done?


Dear Alan:

            I would suggest instead of going through the trouble of uninstalling, etc. that you instead try the following to make the toolbar appear on the screen.  It is still there, it is just turned off by default.  To get it to show up, open up Internet Explorer and just right click on any ‘blank’ (where there are no icons, etc.) on the address bar area.  A drop down list will appear and you will be given the choice to select Favorites Bar, Command Bar and Status Bar.  Click on whatever you would like to see displayed when you use the Internet.  There will be other choices unique to your computer (for example if you use the Yahoo or Google toolbars).  Make those choices if they apply to your situation.

            You should see your old favorite toolbars back in action!

          PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

            Like most people who write to you I have a new computer and I’m finding that it’s taking me awhile to figure out where things are.  On my old computer when I would delete something it would go to the Recycle Bin and if I discovered I really needed it, I could retrieve it.  The other day when I deleted something for the first time on my new computer, it wasn’t in the recycle bin when I went to get it back.  Is this something new or is there a setting that I need to change?


Dear Chris:

            You can change the setting easily.  Just right click on your Recycle Bin icon and click on Properties from the drop down menu.  Then click on the radio button in front of ‘do not move files to the Recycle Bin.  Remove files immediately when deleted’ to make sure that it is unchecked.  Click the OK button and you should now see all your deleted files in your Recycle Bin.

            PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

            HELP!  My taskbar and start button magically went to the side of my computer.  What happened?  How can I move it back down to the bottom?


Dear Jane:

            Don’t panic!  You can easily move it back by clicking on a ‘blank’ area of the taskbar (meaning not where a program is open and resting), holding down the LEFT mouse button and dragging the mouse pointer down to the bottom of your screen.  Release the mouse button and it should return to the bottom. 

            Likewise you can move it to the side if you want to.  Follow the same procedure (mouse clicking and such) and you can move it to either side or the top if you find that more convenient.  On Windows XP you can ‘lock’ the taskbar by right clicking on it and selecting ‘lock’ which will prevent accidentally (or on purpose) moving it elsewhere.

            PC Doctor

Until next time….happy computing!