PC Doctor November 3, 2010

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Dear PC Doctor:

            My son installed a game onto his computer that he got from his friend.  First off, I know that it is illegal to install someone else’s copy and second I think this particular game is too old for him.  Is there a way for me to get it off his computer?


Dear Sam:

            Yes you can remove it by clicking on the Start button and choosing Control Panel.   Find and double click on the Programs icon.  Scroll down the list and find the game you want to remove.  Click on it and then at the top of the list click on Uninstall.  It may ask you a couple of questions,  just answer them and when it completes,  just click the OK button.  The offending game should now be gone.

            PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

            Sometimes I’m not sure if my computer is locked up or still working.  I know about using the Ctrl/Alt/Delete key combination that you told us about earlier.  Is there any other way I can tell if it’s locked up?


Dear Ann:

            There is another way to tell.  Look on your keyboard for the Num Lock key (number lock) which is normally on the right hand side of your keyboard above the number 7.  As you tap the key on and off, you should see a light go on above it.  If it goes on and off, then your computer is working on something and you just need to be patient.  If it doesn’t blink on and off as you hit the key, then your computer is locked up. In which case, you will need to use the Ctrl/Alt/Delete keys to reboot the machine.

           PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor:

            I am starting a new business and will be creating documents both for my soon to be website and for my customers.  I do not want to be able to change or modify anything and I was told I should be creating PDF documents.  I checked out the price of Adobe Acrobat full version and it is really really expensive.  Is there any other way I can do this cheaper?


Dear Sue:

            You can create documents in Word and save them as a PDF you just wouldn’t be able to change them. You could also create an XPS document which basically does the same thing as a PDF.  You create your document in programs such as Microsoft Office, Notepad, etc. and then ‘save your files as’ and choose XPS. 

            While you can create your documents in any other program, you must have the XPS viewer to view it.  Go to the Microsoft download center at www.microsoft.com/downloads .  You will actually be downloading the Microsoft.NET Framework 3.0 which contains the XPS viewer.

            PC Doctor

Until next time…. Happy computing!