PC Doctor November 3, 2020

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Dear PC Doctor:

I get a LOT of junk email. My email program marks suspicious messages with asterisks (**), so they are easy to spot. They still show up in my inbox, though. I’ve been using the search box to group all the junk messages together, and then I can put them all in my Junk folder. What I haven’t figured out is how to delete all the junk messages at once. When I hit CTRL A to select all the messages, it selects everything on the screen instead. If it matters, I am using Round Cube Webmail.



Dear Fred:

To mass delete the items in your Junk folder, log in to your email and navigate to that folder. Double click to open it. Scroll all the way down to the bottom. You will see a little horizontal bar that says Select. There will be five squares next to the word Select. From left to right, the first one looks like a completely filled in square. Click that one. It will highlight all your junk messages, most likely in red. Once they are highlighted, click the red Move messages to trash symbol (circle with a line through it). You will see it at the top of your screen. These items will stay in your trash until you empty it.

I hope this helps.
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PC Doctor

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