PC Doctor March 10, 2011

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Dear PC Doctor,

I have a new computer and I also bought a Flipshare video camera which works great!

Here is my problem: In the Flipshare program, there is a “Create” button and when you click on it, it says “Movie or DVD”.   When I click on DVD, a screen pops up which says “Flipshare will send your video to your desktop so that you can make a DVD”.  Now what happens is, when I try to burn a DVD, it will not do it. What I click on the video— on the left side it says “Copy to CD”, “Mail this file”, “Move this file”, etc. There is nothing on the left side that says anything about “Copy to DVD.” Am I missing something here? Do I need any additional software to be able to burn a DVD?

Thanks for any help you can give me; I have Windows XP.


Dear Rita,

I haven't used the Flipshare software program, so I had to do some research before I was able to answer your question. So far, you're doing great! You won't need to any extra software to burn a DVD using video from your Flipshare video camera.

Follow the instructions to send the video to your desktop, just as you've done previously. From here on, you won't need to use the Flipshare software, because simply, it's really easy to burn the video file to a DVD. Insert the blank DVD into your computer in preparation to burn your video. A window will appear and ask you what to do. Select “Open writable CD folder using Windows Explorer” and click on “OK”.  A new window will show the contents of the blank DVD.  Since there shouldn't be anything on the blank DVD, you shouldn't see anything in the window.  Take the folder that's on your desktop and then click on it and drag it onto the DVD window. On the left side of the window, click on “Write these files to DVD”.  The DVD writing wizard will appear, you can choose to title the DVD, and then click next. Let the wizard do its work! Once it's finished, click finish. Eject your DVD and try it out in your DVD player!

            PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor,

I downloaded a few software programs just to try. I haven't used them in a while since I don't need them. How do I uninstall them so they don't end up using space on my computer?


Dear Gwen,

I'm an advocate of keeping your computer clean! Anything you don't need, trash it!

Click Start, then “Control Panel”.  Under the “Programs” sub-menu, click on “Uninstall a program”.  This is pretty easy, isn't it? Let the list of programs load (if you have a lot installed, it'll take a bit to load them all). The list is normally arranged by name, scroll through the list to find the program. Select it, and then click on “Uninstall/Change”. Depending on the software, either the software's uninstaller will uninstall the program by itself, or Windows will uninstall it with a wizard. Either way, it's pain-free and easy.

            PC Doctor


Until next time... happy computing!