PC Doctor April 21, 2011

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Dear PC Doctor,

I'm having a problem with my wireless internet. My laptop just can't find my wireless connection. My desktop works just fine, but it's hard-wired into my router, so it shouldn't be affected the same way my laptop is. I've restarted my laptop. Ordinarily, my laptop would be able to automatically connect to the wireless network without me doing anything. It's frustrating since I haven't changed any settings.


Dear Ted,

Ouch, I know how that is. Networking problems are some of the worst kind of problems. Don't give up hope though; there always some easy things to try that often work. Since I can't be sure of your exact setup or router, I can't try troubleshooting very precisely. One of the first steps you should always take when troubleshooting is to reboot. You've rebooted your laptop, but have you tried rebooting your router? It's very easy: just reach behind the router and disconnect the power source from the back panel. I usually like to just give it a minute, then plug it back in. If your laptop doesn't immediately reconnect to the network, I'd try rebooting your laptop once again. Hope this easy fix gets you back on your feet!  Write back and let me know if not.

            PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor,

My friend sent me a link to the website Youtube.com. She said that there should be a video there that she wants me to watch. When I go there though, it says that I need to install flash player. I don't know much about computers, but I tried installing it anyways. It didn't seem to do anything and the video on YouTube still doesn't work.


Dear Tamara,

Adobe Flash Player is what you're looking for! Flash Player is a piece of software that makes it possible to watch YouTube videos and much more on the internet. Sadly, a lot of content on the internet requires this plug-in. It's not bad, but it can be a pain when it doesn't work.  If you have an iPad, unfortunately Flash Player does not work.

Instead of trying to install Flash Player from YouTube, let's head over to the Adobe website. Go to www.get.adobe.com/flashplayer. Click on the yellow button that says Download Now. A small window should appear. Click on Save File. Let it download; it shouldn't take too long. When it's finished downloading, double click the file in your Downloads list. If a window asking permission appears, click Yes. When the Flash Player installer appears, check the box that says you agree to the terms of agreement. Click Install. You may get an error message asking you to close your browser. Close it and the installer will automatically continue. Let the installer do its work and when it finishes, click Done! Restart your browser and check out YouTube, it should be working.

            PC Doctor

Until next time... happy computing!