New Materials August 19, 2011

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AUGUST 19, 2011



Baker, Ellen – I Gave My Heart to Know This

Boof, Kola – The Sexy Part of the Bible

Cain, James M. – Mildred Pierce

Cline, Ernest – Ready Player One

Goldstein, Rebecca – 36 Arguments for the Existence of God

Harvey, S.C. – SandCastlesand Seashores

Hoover, Michelle – The Quickening

Hruska, Alan – Wrong Man Running

Lawrenson, Deborah – The Lantern

McGrath, M.J. – White Heat

Penny, Stef – The Tenderness of Wolves

Sussman, Ellen – French Lessons

Toynton, Evelyn – The Oriental Wife

Waldman, Amy – The Submission

Wingfield, Jenny – The Homecoming of Samuel Lake

Yarbrough, Steve – Safe from the Neighbors

Zimler, Richard – The Warsaw Anagrams



Dugard, Jaycee – A Stolen Life

Ellis, Joseph – First Family: Abigail and John

Fuller, Alexandra – Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness

Richard, Mark – House of Prayer No. 2



Aird, Catherine – Past Tense

Bannister, Jo – Death in High Places

Box, C.J. – Back of Beyond

Dahl, Arne – Misterioso

Haddam, Jane – Flowering Judas

Jance, Judith – Betrayal of Trust

Kepler, Lars – The Hypnotist

Michaels, Steven – Sweet Life of Mystery

Spiegelman, Peter – Thick as Thieves



Baldacci, David – One Summer

Callan, Michael – Robert Redford

Delinsky, Barbara – Escape

Frank, Dorothea Benton – FollyBeach

Gabhart, Ann – Blessed

Gerritsen, Tess – Silent Girl

Gray, Shelley Shepard – Protector

Jackson, Lisa – Born to Die

Johansen, Iris – Quinn

Kingsbury, Karen – Learning

Michaels, Fern – Betrayal

Miller, Linda Lael – Creed Legacy

Morgan, Kathleen – A Heart Divided

Palmer, Diana – Merciless

Patterson, James – Now You See Her

Siddons, Anne Rivers – Burnt Mountain

Woods, Sherryl – Beach Lane



Francis, Felix – Dick Francis’s Gamble

Griffin, W.E.B. – Victory and Honor

Jance, J.A. – Betrayal of Trust


MP 3

Francis, Felix – Dick Francis’s Gamble

Griffin, W.E.B. – Victory and Honor

Jance, J.A. – Betrayal of Trust



Down Town Abbey

Hamish Macbeth, Series One


Season of the Witch

Soul Surfer

The Lincoln Lawyer


Yu-Gi-Oh GX King of Copy Cats, Vol. 3

Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium World, Vol. 1





Season of the Witch

Soul Surfer

Source Code

Take Me Home Tonight

The Lincoln Lawyer


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