PC Doctor February 22, 2021

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Dear PC doctor:

I’m creating some instructional videos, using my computer’s built-in camera for filming. I noticed that left and right are reversed when I put the clips into iMovie. I don’t like it. Is it possible to right-left flip the footage so that it looks more natural to my eye?

Thank you.

Signed, Mirror Image

Dear Mirror:

Yes! What you want to do can be done. Here’s how:

Open iMovie. Open the project you want to work with in iMovie or create a new project. Drag the clip into the project. Move the cursor over the clip, and a menu with a gear appears on it. Click on the image of a little gear and you will get a pull-down menu. Choose Clip Adjustments from this menu. An Inspector window appears. Click on the big button labeled None next to Video Effect. Click on Flip, which is the second from the left on the top row. You can move your cursor over the clip to move back and forth through the clip with the effect applied, so you can preview what it will look like. The Inspector window appears again, only now Flipped appears next to Video Effect. Click on the Done button in the lower right corner to finish.

I hope this helps!
Until next time,

Happy computing!

PC Doctor

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