PC Doctor February 7, 2012

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Dear PC Doctor,

How do I change the wallpaper on my Windows 7 computer?



Dear Phillip,

Changing the desktop wallpaper on your Windows 7 PC is super easy! First, make sure your desktop is showing— close or minimize any open windows so you have easy access. Next, right-click anywhere on the desktop and from the menu select “Personalize”. Click on “Desktop Background” at the bottom of the window. Here, you'll have the option to set an image as your desktop background. Using the Browse button, look around on your computer for an image suitable as your background. Next change the Picture Position. I wouldn't recommend “Tile” or “Stretch” (they never look as good as “Fit” or “Center”). Finally click on “Save Changes” and close out the window.

(Tip: You can choose more than one background for your desktop and set it to change every so often for a little variety).

            PC Doctor

Dear PC Doctor,

I use my laptop to watch a lot of DVD's. However, whenever I put a DVD into my drive it automatically starts a DVD playing software. The software came with my computer but I prefer to use Windows Media Player instead. I have to close out the DVD playing software and open up Windows Media Player before I can get to watch my DVD. Is there a way to change the settings so my computer plays the DVD in Windows Media Player instead of the other DVD playing software?



Dear Bridget,

Yes, there is a way to change the default programs that Windows uses. Click the Start orb and from the menu click on “Default Programs”. Click on the third selection “Change AutoPlay settings”.  Click the dropdown menu next to “DVD movie”.  Find Windows Media Player from the list and click Save.

Pop in a DVD and enjoy the show!

            PC Doctor

Until next time… happy computing!

Posted: to Athol Library News on Tue, Feb 7, 2012
Updated: Tue, Feb 7, 2012