Program: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Thursday, March 22 @ 6:00 p.m.



Thursday, March 22nd @ 6:00 p.m.
In the Library's Activities Room

Free and Open to the Public

Please call 978-249-9515 to reserve your seat!

Jerry Caruso loves to make people laugh.  Besides being a stand-up comedian Jerry is also an actor for Murder Mystery Weekends, an instructor of Stand-Up Comedy at the community college level, a cable TV talk show host, a fundraiser AND a motivational speaker on “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”.

Learn how laughter has health benefits:  it helps the brain, heart, lungs, stomach and the bloodstream.  Jerry will also share clean family humor about his life during this presentation.

Laughter is contagious and especially during Jerry’s speaking engagements.  His philosophy is if he could make one person laugh each day then he has helped to put this individual in a better and happier state.

We must learn how to laugh and to do it more often. Come and enjoy this interesting topic and maybe have a good laugh or two. It’s a step toward living healthier. And most of all laughter is free!

Made possible by donations from the Friends of the Athol Public Library.