PC Doctor March 21, 2012

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 Dear PC Doctor,

I recently started using Google Chrome as my main web browser. I have a lot of bookmarks on my desktop that I visit daily. When I double click on them to the websites, they still open up in Internet Explorer instead of Chrome. Even if I have Chrome, it still opens the bookmarked websites in Internet Explorer. Is there way to make them open automatically in Chrome?



Dear Stephanie,

Your computer seems to have Internet Explorer set up as your default web browser, which happens to be the default setting for most Windows computers. While that may sound daunting, it's an easy fix!

No need to bother with Internet Explorer; start off by opening up Chrome. Depending on your version of Chrome, it might look a bit different. Click on the wrench icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen. Click on “Options” to open the settings window. At the bottom of the Basic window, there is a selection labeled: “Make Google Chrome my default browser”.  Right underneath the box, it will tell you if Google Chrome is or is not your default browser.  After clicking the button to make it the default, you're all set! Since Chrome opened a new tab to view your options, just click the little X to the left in the “Options – Basic” tab at the top to close out.

PC Doctor

P.S.  Want to close the current tab in a suave way? Just hold down Ctrl and press W on your keyboard (pinky on the Ctrl key and hit W with your index finger).  It doesn't just work in Chrome either. Try it out in Safari, Firefox and other web browsers.


Until next time… happy computing!