Do It Yourself Zen Garden Mindfulness Kits for Adults!

Limited number of kits. Request yours starting May 1, 2021.

These Zen Garden kits are an easy and fun DIY project! Zen Gardens are small rock gardens that originally started in Japan, as Japanese Rock Gardens that are meant for meditation. The idea is that raking the sand of your Zen Garden will help to calm your mind and promote relaxation.

Each Zen Garden kit includes: a container, sand, a mini rake, and fun materials and decorative elements to make your Zen Garden your own. Let your creativity fly. These kits will also include meditative and calming books, DVDs, and/or music from our library collection, checked out to you. You only need to return the library materials checked out to you. You may keep all Zen Garden materials that are included inside your kit.

Help yourself to relax at home with this fun crafty project and learn to do yoga from a library DVD or read about meditative practices from a library book. Just fill out our Zen Garden google form if you are interested in a kit. There will be a limited number of kits. So, request yours starting May 1, 2021. Only one kit per person or family group. Thank you!

Simply go to to access the form at any time. Zen Garden Mindfulness Kits must be picked up during the library’s open hours: Monday through Thursday, 9:30 – 6:00.

Feel free to take a photo of your completed Zen Garden and tag us on our library social media pages (Instagram and Facebook), #AtholLibrary or #AtholLibraryZenGardenKit.

Materials for these Zen Garden kits are provided by the Friends of the Athol Public Library.

If you have any questions please email us at or call us, 978-249-9515!