PC Doctor June 8, 2021

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Dear PC doctor:

I have a YouTube video I created that I want to show my class. I want to play just that video, and not have YouTube start playing whatever comes next. How can I stop another video from playing?


A Teacher

Dear Teacher:

When you watch a YouTube video, the next suggested video starts as soon as the current one finishes. You can change your settings to prevent this from happening.

First, navigate over to YouTube and start the video you want to play for your students. Hover the mouse over the box in which your video is playing. On the bottom right, next to the icon for closed captioning, you should see an unlabeled toggle switch. Slide the toggle to the left and the words “Autoplay is off” should appear. You’re all set!

Note: Occasionally, this setting may reset itself. If you’re planning to show videos in front of an audience and having autoplay off is important to you, it’s worth checking this setting every time.

I hope this helps!
Until next time,
Happy Computing!
PC Doctor

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