PC Doctor June 14, 2021

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Dear PC Doctor:

When I watch the news at night, I often see experts being interviewed via videoconference. Sometimes, it’s clear they’re in their homes – you can see their kitchens, their living rooms, etc. It feels weird and invasive and I definitely don’t want anyone to see the notes on my refrigerator when I’m working remotely via Zoom. Sometimes, I see that the backgrounds are blurred, so the viewer only sees a wash of colors. Can you tell me how to blur the background? I hope I won’t be needing this much longer, as Covid cases decline and we do more work in person, but it will be good to know.


Signed, Likes Her Privacy

Dear Privacy:

To blur your background image during a Zoom session, do the following: First, log in to your Zoom account. Go to Settings, then Background & Filters. Click Virtual Backgrounds. You will see the option to choose Blur. If you don’t see the Blur option, you probably need to update your version of Zoom. The Blur feature was just introduced in February.

I hope this helps!
Until next time,
Happy computing!
PC Doctor

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